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Conditional Voter Registration

Eligible Los Angeles County residents who miss an election's registration deadline can still vote at any Vote Center in L.A. County. Under California Election Law, Conditional Voter Registration (CVR) allows a prospective voter to conditionally register and cast a ballot.

How this works:

  • Any eligible voter can go to any Vote Center in the County during the 11-day voting period.
  • Once at the Vote Center, the eligible voter will complete the CVR application.
  • The voter is then issued a CVR ballot to take to the new fully accessible Ballot Marking Device.
  • The voter's experience reading and marking their ballot will be the same, however after the voter prints their paper ballot they will be instructed to return their paper ballot to an Election Worker.
  • As soon as the CVR application is verified, their ballot will be counted and the registration will become active.
  • The voter may then vote in any future election in which they are eligible to participate.
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