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The mission, functions, and historical background of the Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk.


Los Angeles郡のため、公正で利用可能で率直なマナーの重要な記録管理と選挙サービス" - Dean C. Logan

Los Angeles郡公認記録事務局は有権者登録と有権者情報と連邦・州・地方・特別選挙の指導、および主導権・国民投票・リコール請願の証明に責任を負います。毎年、当局は約200選の学区と市と特別区の選挙を活動します。郡全域選挙には約480万有権者が登録され5千投票区が確立されています。

公認記録事務局は選挙日に選挙区の投票所で働くこと、または投票所として家や施設を提供する用意いとわない市民を常に必要としています。世論調査員と施設の賃貸料が支払われます。詳細については、(562) 466-1373までご連絡ください。

公認記録事務局はLos Angeles郡の不動産の所有権の法的文書を記録し出生と死亡と婚姻と不動産の公文書に責任を負います。当局の全職務が州憲法と郡法の規定による行われています。記録職務は大きくて、複雑です。査定者、保険診療、公共社会サービス、地域計画などのLos Angeles郡の部門および市民に勤めています。


Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk
Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk

Registrar of Voters

The Los Angeles County Registrar's office is responsible for the registration of voters, maintenance of voter files, conduct of federal, state, local and special elections and the verification of initiative, referendum and recall petitions. Each year, the office participates in approximately 200 elections for schools, cities and special districts. There are approximately 4.8 million registered voters, as well as 5,000 voting precincts established for countywide elections.

The Registrar's Office is in constant need of citizens willing to work at the precinct polling places on Election Day, and/or willing to provide homes or facilities as polling places. Payment is provided for pollworkers and rental of facilities. If you can help, call (562) 466-1373.


The Recorder's Office is responsible for recording legal documents that determine ownership of property, as well as maintaining files of birth, death, marriage and real estate records for Los Angeles County. All functions of the office are conducted under provisions of the State Constitution, State and County Codes. The recording operation in Los Angeles County departments, such as the Assessor, Health Services, Public Social Services and Regional Planning. Documents on file are vital to the real estate, legal and banking communities and the general economy of the County.

County Clerk

On January 15, 1991, the Board of Supervisors approved the transfer of the County Clerk title and functions — which did not relate to judicial actions, procedures and records — to the Registrar-Recorder. Major functions transferred include: marriage license issuance, the performance of civil marriage ceremonies, fictitious business name filings and indexing, qualification and registration of notaries, as well as miscellaneous statutory issuance of oaths and filings. The office issues approximately 75,000 marriage licenses and processes 125,000 fictitious business name filings annually.

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