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Filing Requirements

All requirements must be met to complete the filing of a Fictitious Business Name Statement:

  • Owner must sign
    • Corporate officer if corporation
    • Manager or officer if limited liability company
    • General partner if partnership; trustee if trust)
  • Street address of principal place of business and county must be listed
    • Corporation/limited liability companies must include address as set out in its articles of incorporation on file with the Secretary of State and the state of incorporation/organization
  • All owners and their business mailing addresses must be listed
  • Pursuant to Senate Bill 1467, a Notarized Affidavit of Identity form must accompany all Fictitious Business Name Statements (Original, Refile and New)
  • If the registrant is a corporation, a limited liability company, a limited partnership, or a limited liability partnership, the County Clerk will require a print-out issued by the California Secretary of State indicating the current existence and good standing of that business entity, no other state evidence will be accepted
  • Filed copy of statement must be published once per week for four consecutive weeks in an adjudicated newspaper in Los Angeles County
  • Publication must begin within 30 days after a fictitious business name statement has been filed, pursuant to Business & Professions Code 17917(a)

Filing a Fictitious Business Name

Information on how to file can be found on the Filing a Fictitious Business Name Page.

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