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Experience - Vote Centers

Vote Centers

Polling Places have been upgraded to Vote Centers, they provide additional modern features to make voting easy and convenient. Voters now have the option to cast a ballot in-person at any Vote Center in L.A. County.

Experience - Ballot Marking Device

Ballot Marking Device

The Ballot Marking Device (BMD) improves the voting experience for all voters using technology while retaining a paper ballot as the official, durable and auditable record of the voter's selections.

Facts on the Ballot Marking Device Icon - Arrow - Down
  • A paper ballot is required to use the Ballot Marking Device
  • There is no network or Internet Connection
  • These do not count ballots
  • The printed ballot will have human-readable summary of selections
  • Voters will review their ballot twice before casting
  • Voters cast their votes on the same device

How to use the new Ballot Marking Device

Experience - Interactive Sample Ballot

Interactive Sample Ballot

The Interactive Sample Ballot is a convenient option for voters who want to access and mark their selections on their personal devices prior to arriving at the vote center. After going through the selection process the Interactive Sample Ballot creates a Poll Pass (QR code) — that is scanned onto a Ballot Marking Device at a Vote Center.

Facts on the Interactive Sample Ballot Icon - Arrow - Down
  • This is an optional tool that speeds up the voting process
  • This is not online voting- voters need to take their Poll Pass to a vote center to copmlete the voting process.
  • No identifiable information is saved in the Poll Pass QR code
  • Selections are only stored on the voter's personal device.
  • It's fully accessible and voters may use their assistive technology to complete the poll pass
Experience - Electronic Pollbook

Electronic Pollbook

The Electronic Pollbook (ePollbook) will replace the printed list of voters and will be used by vote center staff to verify the registration eligibility of a voter in real time as well as indicate if a voter has already voted.

Facts on the Electronic Pollbook Icon - Arrow - Down
  • Voters can check in and go to any vote center within the County to vote.
  • Voter registration information can be updated in real time
  • Allows Vote by Mail voters to cast a regular in-person ballot without needing to surrender the mailed ballot
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