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Public Observation

Public Observation

About Public Observation

California Elections Code allows the public to observe a variety of election-related activities. Public observation provides a great opportunity to view and learn about the various activities that go into conducting an election.

It is not necessary to make arrangements in advance, but it is helpful to notify and schedule with our office in advance to a planned visit.

To see the Public Observation Schedule of Events click here.

Email or call 562-277-0037 to coordinate a visit or to ask election-related questions.

Election Observer Panel Plan

The Election Observer Panel Plan (EOPP) is filed with the California Secretary of State's office and is available to view on the Current and Upcoming Elections Page. After Election Night, the schedule of post-Election Night results will be posted on the entrance door of the Norwalk Headquarters and is available on the Current and Upcoming Elections Page.

What You Need to Know Before Visiting 

Public Observation Rules

Maintaining ballot security and voter privacy is our primary objective. Members of the public are welcome to observe and view the various election-related operations and processes but must follow the rules outlined below.

If a member of the public refuses to follow the rules outlined below they will be asked to leave.

The full list of rules and guidelines can be found in the Public Observation Rules.

Election Observers at the Ballot Processing Center

Election Observers are welcome to visit our Ballot Processing Center and observer various election-related activities throughout the voting period and on Election Day. 

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