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Homeowner Notification Program

This Los Angeles County program gives you a chance to review recorded real estate documents so you are aware when an action takes place on your property. In the program, our office sends you copies of documents recorded against your home. This gives you a chance to review the real estate documents to be sure they are legitimate. It also gives you your best chance to save your home from a foreclosure.

How it Works

If you live in Los Angeles County, you will be mailed copies of documents that change ownership, show loans taken against your home, or a Notice of Default or Notice of Sale.

Los Angeles County has recently expanded the program to allow you to receive even faster notifications through email. With the new e-Notification program, in addition to receiving paper copies by mail, you will receive an email statement advising you of the recording on your property. You must first sign up to receive e-Notification alerts.

How to Sign Up for e-Notification

To enroll for e-Notification, create a profile on the Los Angeles County Assessor’s portal and opt in for e-Notification.

Understanding the Documents

When you receive a notification in the mail from the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk’s Office, it will include two sheets which describe the mailing and explain where to call for help. The notification also includes a copy of the document that was recorded. You can find out the type of document that was recorded by finding the white sheet that has the words, “WHEN RECORDED MAIL TO” in the top left-hand corner. The title of the document will be on that page. Copies of a Notices of Default or Notice of Sale will have clear titles.

To learn more about property ownership documents, visit the Department of Consumer and Business Affairs website.


If you have any questions, please contact the Department of Consumer and Business Affairs through one of the methods listed below:

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