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Flex Vote Center Program

About The Program

The Flex Vote Center Program began in 2020 when the County implemented the Voting Solutions for All People (VSAP) voting system. The objective of this program is to meet hard to reach voters and bring voting to them. The communities that the Flex Vote Center program prioritizes are:

  • Senior living facilities
  • People experiencing homelessness
  • Voters with disabilities
  • Geographically Isolated voters

To see the Flex Vote Center Schedule click here.

Voting Experience

The Flex Vote Center provides all the services and equipment you would find at a traditional Vote Center -- following the same processes and using the same devices. All Flex Vote Centers will follow current public health and safety guidelines to ensure a safe voting experience.

Host a Flex Vote Center

Our office is actively seeking new partnerships throughout the County to serve our voters and provide the voting experience to the community. If you are interested in partnering and hosting a Flex Vote Center in an upcoming election, then you must complete the Flex Vote Center Application.

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