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What is a Lien?

A lien is an encumbrance that makes property security for the payment of a debt or discharge of an obligation.

The Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk (RR/CC) serves notification by mail to debtors when an involuntary lien is recorded against them. An involuntary lien is a lien that a property owner did not sign.

Following Up on a Lien

If you have received a copy of a lien from the RR/CC and have questions, contact the person or agency that filed the lien. By law, the County Recorder cannot make any changes or alterations on a lien document.

Once you have contacted the person or agency that filed the lien and have resolved the issue, a Release of Lien must be submitted to Norwalk main office for recording. The party who signed the original lien and, in most cases, notarized must sign the release and, in most cases, it must be notarized.

If the person or agency that filed the lien is not available or is no longer in business, you may wish to contact an attorney to seek resolution of the matter.

How to File a Lien

If you are calling to inquire about how to file a lien against someone, seek a legal advisor regarding your particular situation. Law prohibits the RR/CC from offering legal advice on these matters.

The appropriate court issues liens created as a result of a lawsuit. Certified copies of judgments, which affect title to real property, may be recorded.

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