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Voting While Incarcerated

Eligible inmates can register to vote by:

  1. Completing an Inmate Request form by checking the "Voting Information" box. An inmate will be contacted by the voting coordinator. They must register to vote at least 15 days before Election Day.
  2. Filling out Voter Registration card and the Vote by Mail application. Include inmate's booking # on each. Return both to the facility voting coordinator or their designee or provide own postage and return by U.S. mail.
  3. When receiving a ballot, inmates mark choices and return to the facility voting coordinator or their designee.

Completed voter registration forms, Vote by Mail applications and Vote by Mail ballots will be transported in a secure manner to and from the Registrar's office by deputy personnel or the US Postal Service.

Inmates released from custody

  1. Re-register to vote when you are released from custody.
  2. Registration forms are available at most public libraries and government offices or online.
  3. If an inmate is released before they receive a Vote by Mail ballot, they can go to any Vote Center and request a Provisional Ballot.

Voting While Incarcerated Fact Sheet

Some Californians incarcerated in Los Angeles County Jails are still eligible to vote. Inmates are encouraged to exercise their voting rights to express opinions on issues that affect themselves and their families.

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