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Become a Vote Center

Vote Center Recruitment

Vote Center Requirements

L.A. County is actively recruiting public and private buildings to serve as Vote Centers for the upcoming November 2020 General Election. If you own, manage or know of a property that is perfect for voting then we want to connect with you!

Time Commitment

  • Must be available up to 14 consecutive days (includes set up, the voting period, and breakdown)
  • Must be available from 6 AM to 9 PM (possibly later on Election Day to allow voters to complete)

Room Size

The minimum space requirement to act as a Vote center is 2,200 square feet (sq ft). Depending on the size of the facility we will allocate Ballot Marking Devices as follows:

  • 2,200 sq ft = 15-20 Ballot Marking Devices
  • 3,100 sq ft = 25 Ballot Marking Devices
  • 3,800 sq ft = 30 Ballot Marking Devices
  • 4,150 sq ft = 35 Ballot Marking Devices
  • 4,800 sq ft = 40 Ballot Marking Devices
  • 5.600 sq ft = 45 Ballot Marking Devices
  • 5,650 sq ft = 50 Ballot Marking Devices
  • 6,200 sq ft = 55 Ballot Marking Devices
  • 6,350 sq ft = 60 Ballot Marking Devices


  • Accessible walking path to the Vote Center room
  • Accessible parking for voters with disabilities (or ability to cone off parking spaces

Site Assessments

All potential buildings will go through a complete site assessment to ensure the building or property meets all accessibility, data, and power requirements needed to operate the Vote Center and provide a positive voting experience. Sites that have hardwired internet connection will be preferred.

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Vote Center Recruitment Resources

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