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Campaign Finance Forms & Manuals

Campaign Finance Disclosure Forms for Candidates

County Candidates/Officeholders

The information is available online for all county candidates and officeholders currently involved in a county election. Unsuccessful county candidates continue to file campaign statements and reports with the RR/CC.

Copies of school district, water district, and other local filings are available by contacting the Campaign Finance Section at (562) 462-2339. Copies of Supervisor, Assessor, District Attorney, and Sheriff filings are available by contacting the Proposition B Unit at (562) 462-3000. Updated online reports are not available for unsuccessful candidates after their semi-annual post-election statements are filed.

Questions on Completing Forms?

Contact the Campaign Finance Section by calling (562) 462-2339 or the Proposition B Unit by calling (562) 462-3000 to determine which forms you need to complete as well as upcoming deadlines. You may also visit the RR/CC main office:

12400 Imperial Highway, Room 2003

Norwalk, CA 90650


For information about Proposition B, see the Prop B Ordinance and Prop B Handbook.

For information about electronic filings, see the Electronic Campaign Disclosure Filing Ordinance 2.195.

To contact the Proposition B Unit, call (562) 462-3000.

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