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Voting Accessibility

Vote Center Accessibility

Los Angeles County has transitioned from polling places to vote centers in 2020. At vote centers, voters can mark their ballot on the Ballot Marking Device (BMD) which provides additional modern features that meet the needs of voters with accessibility concerns. Previously, voters with accessibility concerns were asked to go to a separate voting booth. The BMD combines all the accessibility features into one device. In addition to the accessibility features on the BMD, the RR/CC performs routine site visits and prepares mitigation plans to be implemented at vote centers to address accessibility issues.

Below are services available at Vote Centers during the voting period:

  • Accessible Vote Centers: All voting devices at Vote Centers are fully accessible. Voters can customize the voting experience to fit individual needs. Voters can adjust settings on the ballot marking device including user interface contrast, text size, screen angle, and audio volume and speed. Voters will be able to vote at any Vote Center throughout the County for an election period of up to 11 days
    • To find the nearest Vote Center, call (800) 815-2666, option 4 or go to: Find a Vote Center Near You.
    • Even though all devices are fully accessible at the Vote Center, you may vote your ballot outside the Vote Center location (see Curbside Voting below). You can report inaccessible Vote Centers on the Contact page.
  • Assistance in Voting: Under California law, any voter who needs help in casting a ballot is entitled to request assistance. A Vote Center worker can provide assistance or the voter may select a person of his or her choice. If you are unable to mark your ballot yourself, you may select up to two people to help you cast your vote. The persons may not be your employer, your employer’s agent or your labor union leader or agent.
  • Voters Using Wheelchairs: Every Vote Center now uses the ballot marking device (BMD) which is fully accessible, voters using wheelchairs can adjust the touch screen to a comfortable angle and make it accessible to cast their vote.
  • Curbside Voting: Any voter who cannot reach the voting area at the Vote Center because of architectural barriers or physical limitations may request to vote “curbside” (outside of the Vote Center location). There is a sign posted outside of every Vote Center with a number to call an Election Worker who will bring a ballot to the voter, assist the voter if necessary and place the voter’s ballot in the ballot box.
  • Voters who are Blind: Each Vote Center in the County displays voting instructions in large type. Voters who may have difficulty reading the ballot can adjust the touch screen to a comfortable angle, increase text size and change screen contrast on the ballot marking device. Audio ballot function and controller pad can also be utilized if voter cannot read the screen. Vote Center worker assistance is always available.
  • Ballot Marking Device: Makes it easy for voters to customize the voting experience to fit their needs. Voters can access their ballot on a touch screen that can be adjusted to a comfortable angle, change the display settings such as text size and contrast or go through the ballot using the audio headset and control pad.
  • Remote Accessible Vote by Mail: RAVBM allows voters the ability to access, read and mark their ballots privately with their own assistive devices.
  • Drop Boxes: The Vote by Mail Ballot Drop Box program started as an initiative to provide voters with a secure alternative option to return their ballot. Ballot Drop Boxes are available 24-hours a day (or from sunrise to sunset) to provide voters with a safe, accessible, and contact free method to return their voted ballot.

Accessibility Assistance at the Vote Centers

  • Curbside Voting
  • Wheelchair-accessible Ballot Marking Devices
  • Large type and step by step voting instructions at Vote Centers
  • TDD services for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • Vote Center worker assistance at every step of the voting process
  • Interactive Sample Ballot (optional tool that speeds up the voting process)
  • Accessible parking signage
  • Interactive Sample Ballot (an optional tool to pre-mark your selections on the ballot prior to voting at the BMD which may speed up the voting process)
  • Same Day Registration/Conditional Voter Registration (CVR)


For more information, visit the Voting Accessibility section. To find your nearest Vote Center, go to Find a Vote Center Near You. Reach out to us for any feedback on the accessibility of vote centers. Complete the Online Voter Accessibility Form.

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