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Vote Center Accessibility

Vote Center Accessibility

Los Angeles County has upgraded from polling places to vote centers. Vote centers provide additional modern features that meet the needs of voters with accessibility concerns. Previously, voters with mobility or visual challenges were asked to go to a separate voting booth; not any more. The Ballot Marking Device combines all the accessibility features into one device. To better assist voters with accessibility concerns, all vote centers provide the tools to make voting a fully accessible experience.

Accessibility Assistance at the Vote Centers

  • Curbside Voting
  • BMD headset (audio volume and speed)
  • BMD Controller Pad
  • User interface contrast and text size
  • Screen angle adjustment
  • Portable aluminum ramps (not at all locations)
  • BMD’s are all Wheelchair-accessible
  • Vote center worker assistance at every step of the voting process
  • Accessible parking signage
  • Interactive Sample Ballot (optional tool that speeds up the voting process)
  • Same day registration


For more information, visit the Voting Accessibility section. To find your nearest Vote Center, go to Find a Vote Center Near You.

Do you feel your vote center is not fully accessible? We need your feedback and we will work with you to re-survey and re-assess your voting experience. Complete the Online Voter Accessibility Form.

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