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Mobile Vote Center Program

Mobile Vote Center

About The Program

The Mobile Vote Center Program began in 2020 as the County implemented the new Voting Solutions for All People (VSAP) voting system. This program takes a community-based approach and collaborates with various partners throughout the County to bring the voting experience to voters.

The Mobile Vote Center experience is similar to what a voter receives at a traditional Vote Center -- following the same processes and using the same devices.

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Host a Mobile Vote Center

Our office is always seeking opportunities to partner with various organizations who are interested in hosting a Mobile Vote Center at their facility. We are specifically interested in the following groups:

  • Hospital/Medical Workers
  • Food Service/Distribution Workers
  • Transportation Centers
  • Utilities
  • Services for People Experiencing Homelessness
  • Services for People with Disabilities


A Mobile Vote Center requires a minimum of one day in the lead up to an election and requires a minimum of 4 hours, but can extend to up to 8 hours. All current public health and safety protocols will be followed to ensure a safe voting experience for voters and all parties involved.

Mobile Vote Centers require 2,200 square feet of outdoor space (parking lot, plaza, etc.), 4-5 parking spots for County vehicles, and access to restrooms (where possible). The Mobile Vote Centers Program provides its own power and network.

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