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County Employee Election Worker Program

County Election Workers

The County Employee Election Worker Program (CEEWP) offers a unique learning experience and an opportunity to serve our community outside the traditional roles of service provided at the employees current department. With approval of The Program permits “reassignment” of County employees (with approval from their supervisors) to the RR/CC during their election worker assignment.

Thank You To Our County Election Workers! (1)

Thank You for Your Service

A message to Election Workers from Dean C. Logan, Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk, and Los Angeles County Third District Supervisor and Chair of the Board of Supervisors Lindsey P. Horvath.

How to Apply

Complete the online application link below:


Note: The following information applies to all County Employees (including employees who are veterans).

Roles and Responsibilities

County Election Workers are responsible to lead and/or participate in all election activities at the Vote Center. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Open and close the Vote Center location
  • Assist voters and report issues
  • Daily delivery of ballots to a Check-In-Center
  • Assign positions and roles (Lead)
  • Setting break schedules (Lead)

Compensation and Requirements

County employees will receive their regular pay, PLUS overtime and a $ 100 stipend (one-time payment). County employees must work entire work schedule to receive stipend pay.

Election Worker requirements will vary based on the assigned role.

Vote Center Lead and Assistant Lead

  • Attend a 1-day (8 hours per day) in-person training
  • Complete a 3-hour online training (must complete before attending in-person training)
  • Complete a 3-hour pre-check of assigned Vote Center. Pre-check must be completed one day before the start of your assignment.

Vote Center Clerk

  • Attend a 3-hour in-person training
  • Complete a 3-hour online training (must complete before attending in-person training)


County Election Worker Software Contract: PollChief Software by Konnech, Inc.

Background and Frequently Asked Questions

Watch How to Become a County Election Worker in L.A. County.

Watch the L.A. County Election Disability Training in ASL.

Watch the L.A. County Election Disability Training with subtitles in multilingual languages (see settings for all available languages).

Non-Confrontational Techniques for Election Workers Training


County employees should contact us at (213) 374-3887 or email

Important Information Regarding Election Workers

Volunteer Election Workers must comply with legal restrictions imposed upon them including, but not limited to, restraining orders, restrictions imposed on registered sex offenders, or any other prohibitions or limitations on their presence at voting locations and must notify the County immediately if they are prohibited from serving at their assigned voting location.

County Employee Election Worker FAQ's

The questions below for the most frequently asked questions on becoming a County Employee Election Worker.


Do I need to register to serve even though I was nominated by my department?

All County Employee Election Workers (CEEWs) serving as Election Workers will need to register online to assist our department with placement and tracking. Registration link will be provided by your department.

Where will I be assigned to serve?

CEEWs will be assigned to serve at a voter center near their home or work location, or (if willing) anywhere in Los Angeles County, as needed.

Do I need to serve all days assigned?

CEEWs are expected to serve the entirety of their voter center assignment. It's very important that all vote centers have enough election workers to assist voters at all times. Therefore, we are unable to accommodate partial workdays or schedules.

Will I be compensated for working past my regular workdays or workweek?

CEEWs will receive regular pay, PLUS overtime or compensatory time for hours worked beyond normal workdays/workweek.

Are CEEWs allowed to attend Election training during regular work hours?

CEEWs are required to attend mandatory in-person training and complete online training modules during regular work hours. Online training must be completed prior to attending in-person training.

I'm unable to attend my scheduled in-person training class. Can I reschedule?

In-person training classes are very limited. We strongly urge you to attend scheduled training class. If you miss your scheduled class, there may not be any available classes left for you to take (or that are near to you.) If you are absolutely unable to attend, please email our office at and we’ll do our best to assist you in finding another class.

How do I access the online training?

The link to the 3-hour online training can be found by clicking the Training tab of your Election Worker Portal. You will also find your username and password for the online training in the upper right-hand corner of that page as well. Click the link, input your username and password, and you will gain access.

I live outside Los Angeles County, can I participate in the County Employee Election Worker Program (CEEWP)?

Yes, If you are a Los Angeles County employee who is nominated to participate, you may participate in the CEEWP even though you physically live outside Los Angeles County, as long as you serve at a vote center within Los Angeles County.

If I serve as an Election Worker in another county, will I still get paid my regular salary?

Participation in the CEEWP ONLY applies to Los Angeles County Employees who are nominated to serve as Election Workers in Los Angeles County. It is not our policy to pay Election Worker's salaries who serve outside of Los Angeles County.

Can I request to change my location once I have been assigned to a vote center?

Due to the strict guidelines and strategic planning that goes into placement, it is extremely difficult to reassign Election Workers to a different vote center. However, if you have extenuating circumstance surrounding your request, please email and we will attempt to accommodate you.

How will my supervisor verify that I served on Election Day?

If your supervisor requests proof of service, please request a signed Proof of Service from the Vote Center Lead at your Vote Center site.

Who do I contact If I am not available to serve due to a valid emergency situation and need to cancel?

If you are no longer available to serve due to a valid emergency situation, please contact our office as soon as possible by phone at (562) 462-2023 or email

Will COVID-19 relation precaution be enforced?

All required DPH guidelines will be applicable, this includes providing PPE, which includes sanitizing materials to ensure vote centers are kept safe and sanitized throughout the voting period and Election Day.

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