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View Real Estate Records by Appointment

Our office records and maintains records in Los Angeles County since 1851.

Records dated 1851 to 1957 are available for reviewing in our lower level and records dated from 1958 to present are available for reviewing on our 2nd floor at our Norwalk Headquarters.

Real estate records for Los Angeles County are maintained in alphabetical indexes by name and year the document was recorded. We cannot accept telephone requests for index searches.

Online Access to Real Estate Records

This office does not provide online access to our real estate records or indexes via the internet.

Section 6254.21 of the Government Code prohibits the posting of home addresses on the internet of any elected or appointed official without their written permission. Since we cannot identify such individuals and their home addresses, which may be a part of the record, the Los Angeles County Counsel's Office recommended that we do not make these records available via the internet.

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