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Real Estate Records FAQs

Are deeds public record in CA?

Yes, deeds are public record in California.

Can I search your database by address?

Los Angeles County property records are filed by grantor name, grantee name and year of recording.

Are the records available to search online?

Property records maintained by this department are not accessible online.

Can I only buy certain pages of a document?

The complete document must be purchased, segments or pages are not allowed.

Can I have my records masked or removed from your database?

Records deemed to be public cannot be masked or removed from the database, unless ordered by the Court.

Is there a notary available at your offices?

Notary services are not available at our offices.

Can I get a copy of a Will at your office?

Wills are filed with the Clerk of the Superior Court.

How can I get copies of building records?

Building records, like blueprints or permits, can be obtained from the Department of Building and Safety/Public Works. Visit their website for more information:

Building Records:

Phone: (626) 458-5100

How can I remove a lien?

You will need to file a release of lien with this office. If needed, you may obtain a copy of the lien from the Records section to determine who placed the lien and then contact them to obtain a lien release to show the matter has been resolved.

What is a public record?

A public record is a document or record placed in a government archive for future reference due to official duty or function. These records can be accessible to any person for inspection. Certain public records do not allow public access.

How can I report real estate fraud?

Please contact Los Angeles County Department of Consumer and Business Affairs. Call (800) 593-8222 or email

Can I order a copy of my fictitious business name statement?

Yes. An order may be placed by fax, mail, online or in-person to obtain the fictitious business name statement with the Real Estate Records section. However, you must provide the filing number.

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