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Tally Operations

Central pre-processing and tabulation of cast Vote by Mail and Vote Center ballots. Votes are not tabulated or reported until after the close of Vote Centers (8 PM) on Election Day.

Tally Operations Camera 1

Tally Operations Camera 2

Vote By Mail Operations

Every returned Vote by Mail ballot goes through signature verification devices comparing the signature on the Return Envelope to the voter’s signature on file. If a ballot is damaged it is sent to Remake where it is remade exactly how the voter marked the ballot. Vote by Mail ballots that have completed signature verification are extracted from the Return Envelope, reviewed, and prepared for processing and tally on election night.

Vote By Mail Signature Verification Camera

Vote By Mail Extraction Camera

Vote By Mail Remake

Ballot Receiving and Canvass

Vote Center ballots are securely received, transported to storage, and prepared for Tally. All Provisional and Conditional Voter Registration ballots are reviewed and prepared before they are sent to Tally.

Canvass and Ballot Receiving


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