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Marriage Ceremony Volunteer Program

Beginning in 1997, volunteers began performing civil wedding ceremonies at the department's headquarters in Norwalk where a wedding chapel is located. Volunteers now perform ceremonies in our branch offices, as well as the department's headquarters in Norwalk. The volunteers enjoy being a part of this major event in the lives of loving couples.

This very successful, award-winning volunteer program provides citizens from all walks of life the opportunity to volunteer in public service while saving taxpayers money. Departmental staff, who performed marriage ceremonies before the volunteer program was in place, are now able to complete more specialized tasks.

How to Become a Volunteer

Volunteers must be willing to make at least a year commitment to work every other week for 4 hours. If you are interested, please write to:

Portia Sanders

Division Manager, Public Records

Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk

PO Box 389

Norwalk, CA 90651-0389

A Labor of Love from Los Angeles County Newsroom on Vimeo.

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