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What is LA Free the Vote?

In 2018 Los Angeles County set the priority of increasing civic engagement for its justice involved residents. Most probationers and residents with a felony on their record out of prison and off of parole don't know they are eligible to vote, despite the passage of AB 2466 in 2016 and Prop 17 in 2020 which clarified that they are. LA Free the Vote wants to change that.

Have you done time? You're likely eligible to vote

In California, people with misdemeanor convictions and those who have felony convictions but are on probation or parole can also vote. For more information, contact our office at or call 800-815-2666.

Yes, you can register to vote if you are:

  • Out on bail
  • On California State parole
  • In jail awaiting trial or sentencing
  • In jail on AB 109 felony
  • All misdemeanors
  • On probation (including supervised release)

No, you cannot register to vote yet if you are:

  • In prison
  • In jail on parole violation
  • In jail awaiting transfer to prison
  • If deemed mentally incompetent to stand trial

Become a Deputy Registrar

If you are already a Deputy Registrar for the LA Free the Vote campaign or would like to become one, please refer to the LA Free the Vote Toolkit for a list of best practices (p.7) and contact information (p.9) regarding this initiative.

The Los Angeles Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk has a Deputy Voter Registrar Training Program for organizations and individuals who want to learn how to register voters.


Find more information on LA Free the Vote by visiting their website here.

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