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Interactive Sample Ballot

Interactive Sample Ballot

Save time at the Vote Center

The Interactive Sample Ballot is an optional tool that allows voters to access, review and mark their selections prior to going to a Vote Center. The Interactive Sample Ballot is not online voting and does not store any identifiable information, once you access your Sample Ballot all of your selections are saved on your phone, computer or personal device.

How to Use the Interactive Sample Ballot

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Interactive Sample Ballot?
    The Interactive Sample Ballot is a digital version of your sample ballot booklet that will allow you to make selections and generate a Poll Pass.
  • What is a Poll Pass?
    A Poll Pass is a QR code containing your selections. You can transfer your selections from your Poll Pass to a Ballot Marking Device at any vote center.
  • Is my personal information stored in the Poll Pass?
    No. The Poll Pass saves your ballot type and selections. No information about you is stored.
  • Are my selections private?
    Yes. Your selections are only saved in your Poll Pass or on your personal device.
  • Am I required to use the Interactive Sample Ballot and Poll Pass?
    No. The Interactive Sample Ballot and Poll Pass are optional tools to expedite your voting experience at the vote center.
  • Where can I find a Vote Center?
    You can find a Vote Center by clicking here.
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